Doux You Love Me

Doux* You Love Me, a space dedicated to cocooning and the art of living, in the comfort of your home.

Of course, we love to travel and go out, but by choice or obligation, we transformed our homes into a cozy refuge when it’s not possible or we simply don’t want to.

Because we live in cold countries and spend a lot of time inside during long months, but also because all year long we love to be in our bubble sometimes.

Because we work at home and are freelancers.

Because we are stay-at-home moms and spend a lot of time in our houses.

Because we simply seek gentleness and well-being with a positive lifestyle.

That’s why was created Doux You Love Me : to reunite in a same place all the small daily pleasures and art of living that we cherish through thoughts, inspirations and suggestions in order to make your cocooning even more pleasant.

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*In French, “Doux” means “Soft”