Blue and more blue with Bemz!


Feeling good at home in a cozy and peaceful world; this is one of the keys to a felicitous cocooning. Whatever colors we like, we often return to the same one, like blue; perfect to create a soft and serene ambiance in any interior. Bemz has understood this by offering many items in blue hues for the living room, the centerpiece where to relax!


Swedish online company started 10 years ago by a Canadian woman, Lesley Pennington, Bemz designs and produces tailor-made and adaptable covers for IKEA furniture (even discontinued models), but not only. Bemz offers over 250 fabrics, all 100% natural in a vast range of colors, patterns and textures made-to-measure. A custom style so that our living space fits us in every detail!


With such a choice and variety of colors, everyone can find his dream cover. Renowned designers and stylists work with Bemz, like the Finnish company Marimekko or the British Designers Guild, each bringing their creative touch to the collections. Among the trends and styles highlighted on the website, blue, timeless, has not been forgotten. An inspiring color, also elected by Pantone “color 2016” with the Serenity shade. At Bemz, this color comes in many soft hues with sofas and cushion covers that instantly create a cozy atmosphere. And to top it all, Bemz delivers in 35 countries around the world, all online, from the comfort of our home!


Photos credit: Bemz


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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