Dark Sky Island: the new album of Enya

Enya Dark Sky Island

After 7 years, Enya finally returns with a new album, true to her style. Dark Sky Island reunites 11 dreamlike titles to be savored as a whole, each track blending so well with the previous one. In the past, this enigmatic Irish artist created a universe mixing Celtic legends, natural elements and dreams with a timeless music away from the usual format of the music industry. A refreshing formula that works just as well with this new album.

With Dark Sky Island, we recognize the Enya we love with her soft voice and aerial music. An album that we can play in loop to instantly find ourselves in the middle of an enchanted forest on a starry night. As a matter of fact, its title is inspired by Sark, a small Channel Island known to be a paradise for astronomy that has even been awarded the label “Dark Sky Island” by the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) who’s fighting against light pollution.

A title well chosen because Dark Sky Island is an album that can be listen to at nightfall in front of the fireplace or sitting on a comfortable sofa sipping a cup of tea. It calls for calm, resourcing and meditation like Enya’s music knows so well how to.

Video and photo credit : Warner Bros. Records


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