The joys of freelancing

Travail freelance

More and more people choose to leave the corporate world to start their own business. With the Internet, so many new jobs were created that allow freelancing and having a different way of living.

A flexible timetable

“Monday under the sun, this is something we will never have”, sang French singer Claude François. And yet, it’s a very concrete reality for freelancers. No need to get up at dawn each day to get at a certain location with a specific schedule. The schedule of an independent is flexible and depends only on his own commitments. You’re not an early bird? No problem. Some people work and create better in the evening or night. In freelance work, everything is a matter of time limit, not schedules. So, it’s up to each freelancer to organize his timetable. Many will tell you also that after a few years working this way, the days of the week are not distinct from each other. Monday may be a day off if Sunday is more convenient to work instead.

A home office

The same way that well standardized schedules mean nothing for a self-employed, the place where he practices his activity has also in many cases little importance. It can be at home, but also on a sailboat at the other end of the world. No traffic jams to get through every day, no snow to clear off from the car, no loss of time. For freelancers, the work is done from home at their own pace. It’s so convenient also for stay-at-home moms who can take care of their little ones without having to put them in daycare. But make no mistake; a lot of organization is still needed!

More than one project

Freelancing is also all about opening the door to more than one project. It is no longer a single role defined by the company, but the possibility of engaging ourselves in many projects at the same time. Day by day, there’s always that excitement to work on new projects and developing new skills. No routine and predictable work, no time to get bored either.

In short, the freelance work may not be suitable for everyone, but those who have taken the plunge can hardly go back because this lifestyle pleases them so much. After all, there’s the word “free” in “freelance” and that’s not what we all aspire to?


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".