Let’s have breakfast in bed!

déjeuner au lit

It’s a treat that we rarely allow ourselves, except when we want to surprise our loved ones once or twice a year. Eat breakfast in bed, is it only for the wealthy of this world or a little pleasure that we can all enjoy? Why not decide that it’s the second answer by having one whenever we want, on holiday or not!

Waking up softly

Breakfast, whether taken in bed or not, doesn’t need to be very complicated to be good. In fact, it’s special because it’s the extension of the waking up phase in the comfort or our bed. It also takes sense when it’s prepared for another person so that he/she doesn’t have to come out right away from this cozy feel. Even to pamper ourselves, why not!

Prepare the day before… or not!

To go faster, opt for simple food: yogurt, toast, pastries, fresh fruits, etc. Remember to prepare some items the day before. This way, you will only have to put them on the plate. And don’t forget the hot drink!

A neat presentation

It’s not the complexity of the breakfast that matters but the care you took in the preparation and visual appearance. A little flower, a ribbon, a nice card, a beautiful doily… every detail will make the difference with a focus on softness, color and love.


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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