Living without a Smartphone

Vivre sans smartphone

It’s amazing how what appears essential today wasn’t the case at all only 10 or 15 years ago. While millions of Smartphones are sold each year, people who don’t have one are stigmatized, much like those who are not using social networks. Yet living without a Smartphone is not only possible, but also very pleasant…

We say we need it for work, to be always reachable and connected, to feel reassured, etc. 20 years ago, nobody had cell phones, except some businessmen who were walking with these huge devices with a long antenna. Were we unhappy? Haven’t we continued to live our lives without it, communicating differently?

Living without a Smartphone is not so much being nostalgic of a past without technology, but to say no to this constant “hyper connection”, this pressure to be always connected and never miss something. When we have a home office or spend much time at home, it’s not such a problem. Why have a Smartphone when you have a phone line and a computer? We don’t feel at all the lack.

But as soon as we go outside, there’s a kind of panic that sets in for a lot of people, unable to imagine they will not be reachable and connected for several hours. Addicted by choice or obligation, it’s so simple to unhook. Go hiking with nothing that connects us to others, go shopping without checking at home if we do it the right way, fix an appointment with someone and stick to it, instead of changing it just because you can. In short, take the time to live without being invaded by a feeling of guilt or pressure to do like the others. And what a joy to get our messages on our old answering machine and to write long e-mails on the computer instead of quick tweets with all the hashtags that go with it.

Slow down, breathe, live at your own pace and especially don’t feel apart because you don’t adhere to this new trend of the present time.


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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