When Marilyn sings Lazy

Marilyn Monroe Lazy

She has that sweet and soft voice, this unique way of savoring words and stretching them. When Marilyn sings Lazy, song from There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954), it makes us want to laze and languish like her.

Written by Irving Berlin in 1924, the song Lazy suits so well to Marilyn. The star was so often seen and photographed lying on a bed or a couch, simply enjoying the present moment. In the bath or on a sofa with a book in hand, Marilyn Monroe had a knack for lounging, always charming and sexy regardless the location.

In Lazy, she refuses to go out with friends and prefers to stay at home to languish. The beautiful indolent extols the joys of those calm moments when we just relax, read, take a nap or do nothing at all. Listening to her comforting voice, we just want to do the same!

Photo credit: Jock Caroll


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