Staying connected to nature when we are cut off from it

Rester en contact avec la nature quand on en est coupé

We don’t all have the chance to live surrounded by nature or in a country without winter. This connection with nature can be missed eventually, especially when you live in the city. Fortunately, there are a few ways to stay connected with it when the climate or where we live stops us.

1-An indoor garden

Plants, large and small pots of herbs, flowers … if you are cut off from nature for one reason or another, let it come into your home! Many species do not necessarily need a lot of sun and adapt very well to indoor life. Fill your kitchen with herbs of all kinds. Not only they will perfume your dishes, they will also keep you connected to nature. Beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers also give the impression of being in summer, even in winter, and this way be less cut off from Mother Nature.

2-An olfactory and sensory world

Several cosmetics or aromatherapy products are inspired by sweet natural scents. Shampoo with bamboo cream, shower gel with extract of cedar, orchid perfume diffusers; there is something for everyone and each product helps give the impression of being surrounded by nature. Although they do not replace a walk in the forest or in a field of flowers, they envelop us in an olfactory and sensory world that is very comforting, as if we were there.

3Music and sounds

Much used for relaxation and meditation, music including sounds of nature also helps to plunge into it, even remotely. Sounds of rain, forest noises, birdsongs; this kind of music can create an oasis of relaxation at home. Anti-stress, they do us good, daily or in some key moments of the day where we wish to find even more that communion with nature.

Photos, images, documentaries … there’s a solution for everyone to escape into nature when we can’t do otherwise, even if nothing compares to really be there!


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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