A stress-free life

Une vie sans stress

Hard to avoid these days, this ambient stress that is part of our lives. So many factors can make us anxious, so many different sources that put us under pressure. While stress in general, the good and the bad one, has consequences on our health (headaches, infections, hypertension, ulcers …), how can we get rid of it and live a stress-free life?

Eliminate the sources of stress

It’s easier to say than to do, but the best way is to eliminate the sources of stress in our lives. They are different from a person to another and they change throughout our lives. But ultimately, we must ask whether the game is worth the candle. Is the situation or activity causing the stress is worth the trouble? Does it bring more benefits than harm? Is it important to maintain this source of stress in our lives at the expense of our health? Can we transform or adapt it to feel better?

Put things in perspective

Beyond the chronic stress that can be caused for example by work, there is also the occasional stress related generally to everyday hassles. We worry for so many things every day. These concerns often seem overwhelming when we are confronted to them and yet we have faced many other problems in our lives that we resolved at the end. When a new source of worry arises, it’s good to put things in perspective and remember that it’s a hard time to go through but that we will find a solution. We are our worst enemy by tormenting ourselves over nothing. Taking a step back allows us to drive out this unnecessary stress that is rotting our lives.

Find peace and calm

If we cannot control everything, we can make choices that match the lifestyle we want to have and this way significantly reduce stress in our lives. Taking time for ourselves in a quiet environment entirely dedicated to relaxation is a simple way to reduce stress, for example through a wellness ritual. Combined with a good diet and lifestyle, these moments of relaxation bring a different light to the stressful situations that we are faced to.

Think about yourself and what makes you feel good, pamper yourself, lighten your schedule, let go… it all begins with some decisions and new attitudes to lead a peaceful and stress-free life!


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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