Taking time for yourself to build a new project

Prendre du temps pour soi pour construire son projet

You have an idea in mind, a project that you would like to build for a long time, but your schedule overwhelms you. So, you postpone it, saying to yourself that perhaps during weekends or holidays you will finally found a moment for it. But months go by and your project is still pending. And if you finally took some time for yourself to build it?

1Prioritize your activities

This is not complicated : a day has only 24 hours and a week seven days. Between the time dedicated to work, couple and/or family, worries to manage and hobbies, it’s difficult to have free time for other things. But if this project is really dear to our heart, we must review our priorities by asking the right questions. What is more important? What activity can I set aside or do less often to have time instead for my project?

2-Make some time during the week

Many people lead a life at 100 miles an hour, running in every direction with barely time to breathe. Others also have trouble finding time to build their project, simply by lack of organization. There are always a few hours during the week that can be used otherwise. This doesn’t mean to never relax, on the contrary! If this project aims to make your life better, for example to become a freelancer with no more boss, the few hours invested in building it will not be in vain ; you will see your project gradually take shape. Then, after a few months, it will materialize. It’s therefore worthwhile to devote some energy to it, an hour a day or one day a week.

3-Make it your top priority

Sometimes you need to have clearer ideas and to devote yourself fully to something if you want to succeed. When you start a new project, success is never guaranteed. Whether it’s writing a novel or launching an online store, the time we spend on it doesn’t guarantee success. But if we don’t take that time, the project will never see the light of day. Some aspiring writers decide to spend a few months in retreats, just to commit themselves completely in the writing of their manuscripts, some people choose to take a sabbatical or even to quit to have more time to build their project. In any case, it’s always a risk to take, but the time invested is never wasted when it’s a project that is dear to us, success or not at the end!


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".