The diary: outdated in the age of social networks?

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The arrival of Internet has greatly messed our lives and the border between the private and the public is becoming thinner. Nowadays, it’s so easy to post photos and share emotions directly through a blog or social networks. Gone are the days where one kept his innermost thoughts to himself and confined them in a diary. We have entered an era where sharing comes first. But it’s up to us to do otherwise!

The smell of paper, the joy of writing in a beautiful notebook, quietly and in secret. To write our thoughts, just for ourselves, without seeking an echo. The young ones may not have known this pleasure, very simple but liberating. A time when it was not frowned upon to have a secret garden.

Trendy or not, why not do something that makes us feel good? Writing in a diary is a personal experience, just for us. A relationship that we have with ourselves and not the whole world, although everything encourages us to be constantly connected. It helps us to see more clearly, to write our reflections to better explore our feelings, step back from certain events, without taboo, without also fear of being judged by others. Writing on paper is also a very different experience from using a keyboard. We can see our own writing and not preformatted letters on a screen.

And finally, despite all the technological advances, it makes us realize that the simplest things are often the most beautiful. What a pleasure to face ourselves and not the whole world for once!


Nathalie is the editor and founder of "Doux You Love Me".

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